Wing Chun Temple

Love – Peace – Compassion – Unity – Harmony

WING CHUN TEMPLE was found by the inspiration and aspiration of the Spirit of the Warriors that wholeheartedly embraced by the 5 Elements, which are Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity and Harmony.


Sifu Clark Tang

Meet The Founder

Sifu Clark Tang

Sifu Clark Tang is founder of WING CHUN TEMPLE, the disciple of Sifu GM Wong Long Ching and Chief Instructor in the Western Counties.

Sifu Clark Tang started his interest in Martial Arts since he was about 5-6 years of age after he accidentally got into the theatre by himself and saw Master Ti Lung’s film.

From that point, his life was never be the same, and his quest for an understanding of Martial Arts was an everlasting.  His childhood’s dream was to go and live in Shaolin Temple and study Gung Fu and literature, then serving the public.


Sifu Clark Tang

Sifu Clark Tang was inspired by Master Ti Lung and later by Master Bruce Lee, so Wing Chun Gung Fu was always his goal.  But there was not any Wing Chun Gung Fu school around where he lived.  So he started to study American Kenpo Karate and Kickboxing with Sensei Paul Hock’s school, which very closed to his home.  And later he met Sensei Thomas Martin, and asked a permission from Sensei Paul Hock to study under Sensei Thomas Martin.  And of course, Sensei Paul Hock granted his wish because Sensei Thomas Martin was also an Instructor at his school too.  Afterward, his journey was not ended; he continue to take Tai Kwon Do, Tai Chi and other martial arts styles.  But his heart was always for Wing Chun Gung Fu.  So one day, he accidentally found out from my Gung Fu brother that he found a Wing Chun School in OC County, and he told him that he was interested to check out and enroll it.  Because Wing Chun schools were not many and his dream finally came true.  So he signed up and studied Wing Chun Gung Fu since then until now. Wing Chun Kung Fu or martial arts is an endless journey.

Sifu Clark Tang has been doing Martial Arts most of his life, and he got to the point that it was more internal understanding when later realized.  So his Sifu told him that he was ready to pass on the art.  So he was granted to be a Sifu level.  But he was still constantly learning all the time.  And then he had to come up with the school name, so he was thinking that when he was a child he always wanted to go to Shaolin Temple to study martial arts and literature.  And then a vision came to his mind, Temple and later Wing Chun.  So I came up with Wing Chun Temple, and then his Sifu was impressed and fully supported.

As of now, besides working full time, he also leads classes when possible.  Being a Wing Chun Gung Fu teacher(Sifu) is a blessing to him, he said. Be a teacher, means learning the beginning of learning, which he is constantly learning from his students.  They are amazing and his greatest joy.

Wing Chun Muk Yan Jong/Wooden Dummy


Wing Chun Temple

The 5 Elements of WING CHUN TEMPLE


LOVE – Love the art from all of your heart and soul, and then you’ll find

PEACE – Peace can not be achieved from outwardly but only comes from inwardly.  Once you are peace with yourself, you’ll find out that others are suffering because they don’t have a way to seek peace, and then you feel their troublesome.

COMPASSION – Therefore, you will feel Compassion for others because we are ONE in Spirit that comes from the same Source of Energy.

UNITY – And then you’ll seek others to share your way so they can too have what you’ve had.

HARMONY – Because you want to see things as it should be, therefore, Harmony is the goal of pure and truth of Energy that flow without any interruption or chaos.

After many years studying and practicing martial arts, this is my interpretation of the Martial Arts should be, and I hope, not all but a few of you can a little agree with me on this one 🙂

-Grandmaster Wong Long Ching